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Mental Health Practice Buildout

Why |
Mental health therapists went into this field to take care of their clients-not to build a business.  We focus on the nuts & bolts that make running a practice smoother. 

Our services are basic and transparent, and allow you to focus on what you do best - helping others. 

Our approach allows therapists to see 33% to 50% more clients per week by reducing the "headaches" of the practice and allowing the therapist to do what they enjoy most...spend time with their clients.

  • Therapist "Essentials""
    Meisel Consulting will build the "basic essentials" for your practice | LLC EIN Business Insurance Quickbooks Necessary Bank Accounts Credit Card Processing System Electronic Medical Records System for Therapists Website Headshot Video Zoom Account Psychology Today Profile Estimated = 80 hours @ $150/hour = $12,000 12 Week Engagement
  • Therapist "Marketing 101""
    Meisel Consulting will build what we believe would be "Marketing 101" items | Website SEO Set up Linkedin Set up Instagram Set up Facebook Set up Twitter New Head Shot Short Video Introduction Profile listed on 5 targeted marketing engines Estimated = 40 hours @ $150/hour = $6,000 6 Week Engagement
  • Additional Services that Meisel Consulting can provide
    Services as needed | Daily credit card processing Monthly Invoicing Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Business Review Paper records to EMR (electronic medical records) migration EMR to EMR migration services Building your therapy practice services Increasing your revenue services Increasing the number of client services Understanding "information security" Selecting the correct business insurance for your practice Fees range per service- $75/hour to $200/hour
  • Why Choose Meisel Consulting?
    The Team @ Meisel Consulting has been working with Enterprise Businesses from Seattle to Boston for over 25 years on complex business problems. Our founder is married to a licensed social worker. He has been with her since she was in graduate school, over the years he has had a front row seat & been told/ heard about all of the individuals & or families that his wife has helped over the past 25 years. He knows what it takes to build a successful practice for a clinician. The best clinicians do not want to be in the weeds with all of the components it takes to assemble a successful "digital" therapy practice, that is both successful & compliant, that meets and or exceeds information security standards. Let us help you, so that you can help others...
  • How to Contact Us?
    Please use our contact page- click here to fill out a form- Thank you, David Meisel Founder - Meisel Consulting

Examples of our Success

Scaling operations for scaled Client capacity

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