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Everything that Meisel Consulting can do for your organization you can do for yourself, what we bring to the table is possibly a unique perspective, 57 years of thinking outside of the "box".

We bring the best & the brightest to a project, individuals who have battle scars and are able to be empathetic to your need now.

Our approach is to listen, review, reflect, and then provide direction - we do this in an agile approach so that your team can keep doing their job while we are doing ours for you.  


When you engage us you should rest assured of the following:

  • Full Transparency

  • On-Time

  • On Budget

As consultants, our goal is to bring your organization results- results that bring exceptional value- value that has you refer us to your clients and/or business partners.  In the end, we are a success if we can help your entire ecosystem reach its' full potential.

Clients Include

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