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About Z-Vending 

 Z- Vending was started by Zach Meisel during the 2020/21 Covid 19 Pandemic as a way to ensure people were able to get healthy snacks in a safe way.

Zach is a thriving entrepreneur in the Montgomery County Maryland area who has invested his monies into Z-Vending as a way to have a "store" front that brings great value to members of Health Clubs, Swim, Dive, and Tennis Communities, and other such venues.

Zach attends Walter Johnson High School, is an NCAP GP Gold Swimmer, Mason Diver, and a NCCSPA Swimmer/Diver.

Z- Vending is a subsidiary of Meisel Holdings LLC (all legal paperwork is held by MH).

Present clients include:

  • ATD Gym - Rockville, MD

  • NCCSPA - Chevy Chase, MD

  • Rock Creek Pool- Silver Spring, MD

  • OGC- Bethesda, MD

  • Tilden Woods - Rockville, MD

Z-Vending Documents 


Certificate of Insurance



Standard LOU

Why Chose Z-Vending 

Community Involvement

  • Z-Vending knows your clientele- Z-Vending employees are  classmates, friends, and or members of your organization

  • Z-Vending is part of the fabric of the DC / MoCo community-volunteering, teaching lessons, tutoring students, Z-Vending is involved and gives back to the local everyday

  • Z-Vending Employs local High School and College Students to be "Ambassadors" at the locations where Z-Vending has its machines

  • Z-Vending is focused on the health, wellness, and success of it's clients and partners

Vending Business Differentiators

  • Z-Vending uses the most innovative Machine that anyone in the nation uses(designed in Maryland) that ensures client/users satisfaction

  • Consistent monitoring of Machine status, errors, and stock needs

  • Weekly reports to clients and open / consistent discussion on best products to serve your community

  • Social Media engagement with your community to build loyalty and to better understand wants/needs

  • Up to date inventory so that your patrons do not have to wait for their favorite snacks 

  • Local Ambassadors to ensure the machine is clean & filled often

  • Cash, Debit/Credit Card, Apple Pay, Z-Vending meets your customer's needs

For More Information on Z- Vending

Call or Text Zach Meisel @ 202.808.1251

e-mail Zach @

4401 East-West Highway | Bethesda, MD. 20814 | Suite 203

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